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Saturday, June 6, 2020



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The Best Travel Bags for Men

Travelling although a fun activity, involves plenty of planning. That planning also includes what we take with us such as our clothes, accessories, toiletries and other similar stuff. All the things that we are taking with us require a suitable carrier such as a travel bag, hence, it is one of the one of the most important equipment that we need. That is why Uniworth provides only the best travel bags for men. Coming in a variety of sizes and designs and made with multiple pockets and zipper compartments so that you can organise and manage all your things be it clothing, toiletries, electronics or any other item. You can rest assured that you will find the most durable bags to withstand daily commutes as well as long trips.


Stylish Backpacks for Men

Backpacks are the ideal form of bag for adventure and hiking trips. Easy to carry, they offer an easy to way to organise and manage laptops, tablets, stationery and even clothing articles among other equipment. It is no wonder that soldiers in the military prefer backpacks. Since these essential bags have the very important task of being reliable bags they need to be sturdy, durable and easy to carry. If they are water resistant or waterproof then that is even better. Uniworth’s backpack goes a step ahead in order to make it easy to carry or move around. We chose to add wheels to our addition of backpacks for men so that if the person gets tired they can always change it into trolley mode and pull it with ease. Made from a reliable synthetic fabric they can carry lots of stuff without making the person worry about it tearing. The stylish backpacks are made with good cushioning to give the customer peace of mind while they concentrate on enjoying their trip rather than worrying about the condition of their things in the bag.


Executive Business Bags for Men

Business Meetings regardless of how small or big they maybe are always a serious matter, even more, when they are out-of-city business meetings that require a significant amount of travel. An individual needs to make sure that they are taking everything they need such as a proper business attire, relaxing suit, all stationery, notebooks, laptop and or tablet. Given the extensive inventory, they need a bag that is easy to carry and helps them manage and organize all their things. Here is where you will find our executive business bags for men stand ahead of the competition. Multiple zippered pockets and internal compartments make it easy to fit all your stuff. Plus the handle and wheels allow for an effective trolley mode making it easy to pull the bag. It is stylishly designed so that it complements the executive look and made from a durable material allowing the business bag to handle everything that it encounters during the course of the trip.


Compact Mens Pouch Bag

If you don’t have a beard, then when going on a trip your shaving equipment is pretty essential along with toiletries such as toothbrushes, toothpaste and other similar stuff.  Uniworth’s travel kits and compact men’s pouch bag are the ideal companions to carry all toiletries. Made from canvas and synthetic fibres it is able to get wet and not lose shape or get torn. Having two pockets it allows for easy organization of various items. It is compact enough to be carried individually or in a larger luggage carrier.